PE_7 - 2 The problem will have five potential answer(a-e 3 The problem should only have one correct answer 4 The problem should be straightforward

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EGM 2511 Exam 2 Fall 2011 NAME (Last, First) ______________________________________ PE# 7 Exam Question Challenge For the next coming exam (Exam #2) the principal chapters of interest are 6, 7, and 8. This problem gives you the opportunity to generate your own multiple choice exam question. The “award” for generating a good problem from these chapters is that it will be used for the next exam in the multiple choice section and as such, the answer will be known to the author(s). Guidelines: 1) The problem should ideally be accomplishable in a single calculation step.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) The problem will have five potential answer (a-e). 3) The problem should only have one correct answer. 4) The problem should be straightforward and not overly tricky, but not trivially simple. 5) The problem can be a conceptual question, although these can be much more difficult to craft. Full credit will be given to submissions that provide a nice sketch of the problem , a detailed solution , potential “wrong” answers , and a comment as to why your problem is important and should be selected. Remember: PDF submissions are critical! Have fun!...
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