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DATE Day TOPIC COVERED IN CLASS Read Sections 22-Aug M Syllabus - 24-Aug W Introduction, general principles, units 1.1-1.6 26-Aug F Force vectors, components, addition of forces 2.1-2.4 29-Aug M Cartesian vectors, position vectors 2.5-2.7 31-Aug W Force along a line in space, dot product 2.8-2.9 2-Sep F Equilibrium of a particle, free body diagrams 3.1-3.4 5-Sep M Labor Day - No Class 7-Sep W Moment of a force, cross product 4.1-4.3 9-Sep F Varignon’s Theorem, moment about an axis 4.4-4.5 12-Sep M Couples 4.6 14-Sep W Couples, equivalent force systems 4.7-4.9 16-Sep F Equilibrium of rigid body, free body diagrams 5.1-5.3 19-Sep M Statically indeterminate problems, 2 force members 5.4-5.7 21-Sep W No Class - 23-Sep F 3D rigid body equilibrium, support reactions 5.4-5.7 26-Sep M Exam Review - 28-Sep W EXAM 1 - 30-Sep F Trusses, method of joints 6.1-6.3 3-Oct M Trusses, method of sections 6.4 5-Oct W Frames and Machines 6.6 7-Oct F Chapter 6 recap - 10-Oct M Internal forces, beams 7.1-7.3 12-Oct W Shear force and bending moment diagrams 7.1-7.3 14-Oct F Load, shear and bending moment relations
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Unformatted text preview: 7.1-7.3 17-Oct M Chapter 7 recap-19-Oct W Friction 8.1-8.2 21-Oct F Belts, Wedges, and other problems 8.3-8.8 24-Oct M Center of gravity, centroids 9.1-9.2 26-Oct W Centroids by integration, composite bodies 9.1-9.2 28-Oct F No Class-31-Oct M Theorems of Pappus and Guldinus, distributed loads 9.3-9.4 2-Nov W Chapter 9 recap-4-Nov F Homecoming - No Class-7-Nov M Exam review-9-Nov W EXAM 2-11-Nov F Veterans Day - No Class-14-Nov M Second moments of areas, basics 10.1-10.2 16-Nov W Composite shapes, radius of gyration 10.3-10.4 18-Nov F Mass moments of inertia 10.8 21-Nov M Chapter 10 recap-23-Nov W Thanksgiving - No Class-25-Nov F Thanksgiving - No Class-28-Nov M Virtual work 11.1-11.3 30-Nov W Potential energy 11.4-11.7 2-Dec F Stability of equilibrium 11.4-11.7 5-Dec M Final Exam Review-7-Dec W Final Exam Review-9-Dec F Reading Days - No Class-13-Dec T Final Exam-...
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