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Homework_4_Spring2012 - Homework 4 Due •...

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Unformatted text preview: Homework 4 Due 1/27/2012 • • • Work must be completed on engineering paper. Show all work. Draw pictures, where appropriate, to illustrate complex answers. Make sure your work is neat, legible, and professionally done. Problem 1 Three steel bolts are to be used to attach the steel plate shown to a wooden beam. Knowing that the plate will support a 110- kN load, that the ultimate shearing stress for the steel used is 360 MPa, and that a factor of safety of 3.35 is desired, determine the required diameter of the bolts. Problem 2 A short plastic tube is expected to carry up to a compressive force of 3000 N, and remain below 30% of the yield stress of 50 MPa. Available tubes have a wall thickness of 1.5 mm with outer diamaters in increments of 2 mm starting from 10 mm. Find the tube of minimal diameter from among the available sizes that meets the yield requirement and determine the actual factor of safety of the stress relative to the yield stress. Assume the tube is short enough not to buckle under the compressive load. ...
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