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Unformatted text preview: Homework 8 Due 2/20/2012 • • • • Read chapter 3, sections 3.5- 3.9 Work must be completed on engineering paper. Show all work. Draw pictures to illustrate complex answers. Make sure your work is neat, legible, and professionally done. Problem 1 The propellers of a ship are connected to a solid A- 36 steel shaft that is 60 m long and has an outer diameter of 340 mm and inner diameter of 260 mm. If the power output is 4.5 MW when the shaft rotates at 20 rad/s, determine the maximum torsional stress in the shaft and its angle of twist. Problem 2 The splined ends and gears attached to the A- 36 steel shaft are subjected to the torques shown. Determine the angle of twist of end B with respect to end A. The shaft has a diameter of 40 mm. Problem 3 The device shown is used to mix soils in order to provide in- situ stabilization. If the mixer is connected to an A- 36 steel tubular shaft that has an inner diameter of 3 in. and an outer diameter of 4.5 in., determine the angle of twist of the shaft of A relative to B and the absolute maximum shear stress in the shaft if each mixing blade is subjected to the torques shown. Problem 4 Do problem 3.41 from the text Problem 5 Do problem 3.71 from the text Problem 6 Do problem 3.86 from the text ...
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