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EML 3100 – Homework 4 Due Monday, February 6 From the Textbook : Problems 5.66, 5.75, 5.79, 5.115, 5.131, 5.147 Problem 7 : The compound system in the sketch below contains a gas ( C v0 = 2.5 mR ) on both sides of an internal wall. As heat is transferred across the wall, the piston moves to the right until the gases obtain thermal equilibrium at T 2 . During this process the shaft force F shaft maintains the pressure for system B constant at 3 bar. Also, P A1 = 10 bar, T A1 = 1000 K,
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Unformatted text preview: V A = 1 liter, and P B1 = 3 bar, T B1 = 300 K, and V B1 = 1 liter. Determine ( i ) the heat capacities at constant volume and at constant pressure for the gas: C v0 and C p0 ; ( ii ) the missing thermodynamic state properties: T 2 , P A2 , and V B2 ; ( iii ) the heat transferred from system A to B, Q A-B , the pressure work out of system B, W B and the shaft work, W S . Do not neglect the affects of atmospheric pressure, P = 1 bar. F shaft Q A-B A B...
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