lecture 3 (2) - Major depressive disorder Treatments...

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Major depressive disorder Treatments Because MDD can have a devastating impact on a person'slife, the importance of effective treatment cannot be overestimated. Treatment strategies have evolved over Colored positron emission tomography (PET) scans comparing the brain of a depressed person (top) with the brain of a healthy person. (Photo Reasearchers, Inc. Reproduced by permission.) See color insert for color version of photo. the years according to researchers' varying opinions of the underlying causes of depression, but the outpouring of interest in MDD allows treatment providers to select from a variety of tested approaches. Psychotherapy Cognitive psychotherapies for depression are based on the belief that depressed people perceive themselves and the world in unrealistically negative ways. Considerable research has been done regarding the cognitive dimension of depression; for example, studies find that depressed people pay more attention to negative events than to positive ones, and that dwelling on unpleasant
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lecture 3 (2) - Major depressive disorder Treatments...

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