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Unformatted text preview: Mesoridazine Precautions Mesoridazine has the potential to produce a serious syndrome called tardive dyskinesia . This syndrome consists of involuntary, uncoordinated movements (especially of the tongue, jaw, mouth, or face). It usually develops either late in the course of treatment or after medication has been discontinued and is potentially irreversible. Symptoms similar to those experienced by people with Parkinson's disease have been linked with the administration of mesoridazine. Mesoridazine is inappropriate for use with central nervous system depression, nor should it be administered to persons in a coma. Side effects A serious and relatively common side effect of mesoridazine is tardive dyskinesia, a potentially irreversible syndrome for which there is no known effective treatment. An important feature of tardive dyskinesia is that it typically develops either late into treatment or after treatment has ceased. Tardive dyskinesia consists of involuntary, uncoordinated movements of the tongue, jaw, ceased....
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