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lecture 6 (8) - Methylphenidate Precautions Methylphenidate...

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Methylphenidate Precautions Methylphenidate has a great potential to produce physical and mental dependence. Administration should not be stopped abruptly. Such action can cause withdrawal symptoms including depression, paranoid feelings, thoughts of suicide , anxiety, agitation, and sleep disturbances. Methylphenidate should not be given to people with extreme anxiety, tension, agitation, severe depression, mental or emotional instability, or a history of alcohol or drug abuse. It is not indicated for use by those with Tourette's syndrome, people with tic disorders , glaucoma, or certain mental health conditions. The drug should be used cautiously by those with high blood pressure, those with a history of seizures , and women who are breast-feeding. Methylphenidate is not typically ordered for women during their childbearing years, unless the physician determines that the benefits outweigh the risks. Methylphenidate should not be ordered for children younger than six years of age as its safety has not been determined in this age group. People should not drive or operate machinery or
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