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Nicotine and related disorders Demographics About 60 million Americans smoke cigarettes, cigars, and pipes; and about six million more use smokeless tobacco. Worldwide, there are more than a billion smokers. Although the prevalence of smoking has gradually decreased in the United States and many other industrialized countries since the 1970s, the use of tobacco products is rapidly increasing in the developing nations of Africa and Asia. Use of tobacco products in developing countries is of particular concern, because these countries often lack adequate health care resources to treat smoking-related diseases, let alone support smoking cessation programs. In the past, the number of American men who smoked outnumbered women, but by 2000, the rate of smoking was almost the same for these two groups— about 35% of the population. Men in the United States greatly outnumber women, however, in the use of smokeless tobacco (14% to 1%). In developing countries, male smokers outnumber women smokers by a margin of eight
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