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implicit extra credit - You'll have to use that equation...

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Extra Credit The Folium of Descartes is a famous curve that looks something like this: It is the graph described by the equation x 3 y 3 = 3 xy . You can see that there is a point on this graph where the tangent line is horizontal, and a point where it is vertical. Find these two points. (i.e., where is the slope of the tangent line 0, and where is the slope undefined?) Hint #1: You'll get an expression for the horizontal/vertical tangent.
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Unformatted text preview: You'll have to use that equation and the original folium and solve them as a system of equation. (It's relatively easy to do with substitution.) Hint #2: At (0,0), the graph crosses itself and there is both a horizontal and vertical tangent, so we'll throw that point out. Hint #3: After doing Hint #1, use the equation you get for the tangent to find the other value. It's much easier than using the Folium....
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