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Food Presentation Word Document with notes and slides 2.0

Food Presentation Word Document with notes and slides 2.0 -...

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Food Presentation As a reality check it is important to remember what the food markets look like around the world. Every time we sit down to eat this should be a question we ask ourselves. In the United States we have one of the safest food supplies in the world. Yet how safe is it really. Reading the text you can see that there are multiple issues that could impact the safety of the food you eat. I can tell you that many times when folks found out that I was a restaurant inspector they would ask me – where should I eat. They will also come up to you with questions about food safety. If their refrigerator has gone off for a time they want to know if the food is safe. Again, looking at the list in the text, how exactly do we as health professionals assure that the food that people and animals is eating is really safe from contamination, adulterants and organisms that would be harmful to those that are consuming the food. The real answer to that is that we have those food vendors out there that really do care about the quality of their food. Partially from a liability point of view so they are not sued and also from a point of view of having concern for others and their work ethic that says we do it better. Secondly, there are the overlaying rules and regulations that set the minimum standard for food safety. Several years ago the regulatory industry established the standard that we wanted to see safe food farm to table and that during all the phases from where the food is produced until it actually hits your table that the food is to be handled in a safe manner. This is to be accomplished through HACCP program which I will share with you on Wednesday. Let’s look at these foods and determine if they are potentially hazardous Chicken –yes because it is meat, Baked Potato –yes because after being cooked the warm moist environment will support growth especially of botulism , cut melons yes because the organisms that are on the outside are not inside, sprouts –yes due to warm moist growing environment, rice-yes similar to potatoes supports bacillus cereus This is the danger zone for cooling foods. It is in this temperature zone that pathogenic bacteria grow the fastest. It is important to move foods through this zone as quickly as possible. Inspections are based upon this range.
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Before we get too far into this let’s look at where we came from. Public health is an endeavor that always keeps track of where we were and how we got to where we are. Never forget from whence you came. Always take care of those foundational issues. Just look at the issue of mechanical refrigeration as one element of food protection. If you lived in a hot climate you had no means of keeping your food without some form of processing. I am reminded of the story in Laura Wilders Little house in the Big Woods. She talks about her father smoking an animal in a hollowed out tree. There was little to no regulatory oversight as is explained in the text. I have seen pictures of game wardens
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Food Presentation Word Document with notes and slides 2.0 -...

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