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Midterm Concept Sheet Spring 2012(1)

Midterm Concept Sheet Spring 2012(1) - ENVHLTH 102/HLTHST...

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1 ENVHLTH 102/HLTHST 102 – Global Environment Health Midterm Concept Sheet Spring 2012 The midterm will be worth 100 points and consist of multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and matching–related questions. The test will be based on the reading assignments and the material covered in lectures and lecture handouts. Concepts: In order to maximize the likelihood of success on the midterm, please have a working knowledge of each of the concepts listed below. A working knowledge is defined as a basic understanding of the concepts surrounding each of the following terms with respect to environmental health. Please use the assigned readings to supplement your knowledge of each of the listed concepts. Dr. Stephenson’s Lecture Concepts Most Influential Species on Earth; Earth Summits; Sustainable Development Policies; North-South Debate on Environmental Issues; Ethical Debate on Environmental Issues; Ones Responsibility Related to Env. Issues; Biosphere; Power of Population; Environmental Footprint Model;
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