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Unformatted text preview: Why Study Environmental Health? Dale Stephenson, Ph.D., CIH ENVHLTH 102/HLTHST 102 Global Environmental Health Boise State University Why Study Environmental Health? First, a question! In your opinion, which species has the most influence on the earth’s ecosystem? 1 Why Study Environmental Health? Another question! Are humans all powerful creatures that can live independently, apart from nature? Why Study Environmental Health? Notable Observations The The natural world is stressed by human influences and increasing population numbers. Human Human health, well being, and survival depend on the health and integrity of the whole global environment. Will human influences lead to the collapse of the entire earth system? 2 Why Study Environmental Health? Another Question! uestion! What do you consider to be the biggest threat to the ocean environment? Pascal Peduzzi (2004) "Is climate change increasing the frequency of hazardous events?" Environment Times 3 Earth Earth Day Why Study Environmental Health? When was Earth Day Created? Why Why Study Environmental Health? Global Global Recognition of Environmental Problems Stockholm Stockholm Conference: 1972 (UNCHE) Rio Rio Conference: 1992 (UNCED) – 1st Earth Summit Johannesburg: Johannesburg: 2002 – Rio + 10 Copenhagen: Copenhagen: 2009 – UN Climate Change Conference Cancun, Cancun, Mexico: 2010 – UN Climate Change Conference Main Main outcome was to convince world governments to adopt “sustainable development” policies Policies Policies that balance valid economic considerations with valid environmental realities Policies Policies that satisfy reasonable human needs without reasonable jeopardizing the well-being of future generations well- 4 Why Study Environmental Health? Issues Issues Confronting these Conferences Biodiversity Biodiversity Tropical Tropical Deforestation Climate Climate Change Eradication Eradication of Poverty Challenges Challenges NorthNorth-South debate over the financial burden to address issues in 3rd world nations Ethical Ethical debate with some issues (i.e. family planning strategies) Why Study Environmental Health? Underlying Underlying stance taken by developed Nations: Hesitation Hesitation to accept economic limits at home to promote global environmental global stability US Stance? US Stance? “The US standard of living is not up for negotiation” 5 Why Study Environmental Health? How How does one affect change towards sustainable development? United United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (1992 Rio Conference) Integrates Integrates environmental sustainability with global development activities Monitors Monitors commitments made on conference treaty commitments Grass Grass Root Organizations Committed Committed citizens who work independently to promote sustainable development for the sake of future generations Why Study Environmental Health? What W hat are some effective actions? Actions Actions that influence politicians to make decisions that balance ecological concerns with economic & social considerations What W hat is your responsibility? Educate oneself on crucial environmental issues!! This course will cover crucial environmental health issues in the belief that a well-informed, politically active citizenry is an wellessential ingredient to the maintenance of the environment where we all live, work, and play. Rio Earth Summit - 1992 6 ...
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