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Business Communication Questionnaire – 50 Points Using information from your text book, class discussions and your knowledge and experience, answer the following ten questions (in about 50 – 100 words each). Submit your answers that includes the original question in a word document (not hand written). Your Name__________________________________ Course/Sec#_____________________ 1. What are the main challenges facing business communicators today? 2. List five trends in the workplace that affect business communicators? How might they affect you in your career? 3. Name five unprofessional communication techniques that can sabotage a career.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. List five suggestions for enhancing comprehension when you are talking with people for whom English is a second language. 5. What factors are important in selecting an appropriate channel to deliver a message? 6. How does profiling the audience help a business communicator prepare a message? 7. Why is conciseness especially important in business? 8. How is business writing different from academic writing? 9. Describe the “You-View” approach. 10. Describe the key steps in a writing process. Buscom201 – Questionnaire 1...
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