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The final exam will be given in two parts, on the same day. You can take a break in between the multiple-choice / T or F section and the essay section. The format and content is very similar to the Mid-term exam. The first part will be multiple choice/ T or F, the second part will be essay. The multiple choice/ T or F has 33 to 40 questions, and pertains to all of the lecture and reading material covered in the second half of the semester. This includes: Medieval Philosophy Lecture Augustine Lecture Augustine Reading Anselm: Proslogion Reading Aquinas: The Five Ways Reading Aquinas: On Just War Theory Modern Era of Philosophy Lecture Descartes Reading Locke Reading: Essay concerning Human Understanding The best way to study is to review the BlackBoard postings, and pay close attention to those passages I read in class, and/or emphasized in lecture. Essay Section: You will be given 5 essay questions, from which you must choose two. Watch the clock, and
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