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ch 6 - Specific purpose – you alone must decide the...

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Com 135: Chapter 6 Know the difference between speech topic, general purpose, specific purpose and central idea, as well as how to formulate each. Know important considerations when choosing a topic. Know strategies to find and narrow a topic. Define and distinguish between the three main general purposes of speeches. Understand what main points are and how to generate and use them in a speech. Know the main steps of speech development in order. Speech topic formulating Brainstorm – easily generate ideas, l Listen and read for topic ideas Scan web directories ….than narrow the topic general purpose – the general purpose if virtually any speech is either to inform, to persuade, or to entertain. 1. an informative speaker is a teacher. Define, describe, or explain a thing, person or place. 2. - persuasion – use information to change the way audience thinks 3. entertain – gets audience to relax, smile, laugh, and enjoy themselves.
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Unformatted text preview: Specific purpose – you alone must decide the specific purpose, the topic does not do this for you like the general purpose. You must think in precise terms about what you want the audience to be able to do at the end of your speech. This goal or purpose is called behavioral objective Formulartion 4. limit to a single idea 5. make sure it reflects the interests, expectations, and knowledge level of audience. Central idea – should be a complete declarative sentence 6. use direct specific language, a single idea, and audience centered idea. Main points 7. find logical divisions – logically divide your speech 8. establish reasoning – reasonings for central idea being true 9. trace specific steps – support your central idea using chronological steps. steps of speech development 1) select and narrow topic 2) determine purpose 3) develop central idea 4) generate main ideas...
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