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exam 1 study guide - Political Thinking(POL 201 Miami...

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Political Thinking (POL 201) Miami University Fall 2009 Brian Danoff Study Guide for Exam #1 Format Part 1: Twenty-five multiple choice questions, worth 2 points each, for a total of 50 points. The questions will cover Antigone through Hobbes’s Leviathan . Part 2: One essay, worth 50 points. The essay will be on Plato’s Republic . The specific “prompt” will be given to you on the exam. Keep in mind that when you write the essay, you should try to think of it in the same way that you would think of a paper. This means that you should have a clear thesis -- that is, a main argument that you are trying to make. You should state this thesis, or main argument, in the first paragraph. Then, in the rest of the essay, you will advance your thesis through the various points that you make. You should back up these points with specific examples from the reading. (In a paper, you would use direct quotes, but I don't expect much of that in a closed-book exam.) Note: The multiple choice questions will be designed to test your knowledge of the readings and of the lectures. I will try not to give you questions that ask you about obscure little details from the readings, but then again if you haven’t been doing the reading, you won’t do well on the multiple choice questions. To help you prepare for the multiple-choice questions (and the essay) you should review your notes, review the readings, and review the study questions below. There are a lot of study questions, but there are no surprises here, since I have mainly compiled here many of the discussion questions that were either written on the board, or given to you in hand- outs. Sophocles,
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exam 1 study guide - Political Thinking(POL 201 Miami...

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