ch13 - Ch.13 Quiz Instructions Please read the questions...

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Ch.13 Quiz Instructions Please read the questions carefully. This assessment is worth 100 points. 1. A voidable contract is not a contract at all, and in such cases the courts will leave the parties where they find them. (5 points) True False 2. Misrepresentations made with scienter make a contract void, while negligent misrepresentations make a contract voidable. (5 points) True False 3. Today, the "justifiable reliance" requirement in fraud and misrepresentation cases imposes a bigger obstacle to liability than it did in the 19th century. In other words, it's a tougher requirement today. (5 points) True False 4. Mutual mistake is more likely to make a contract voidable than is unilateral mistake. (5 points) True False 5. Where there has been a mutual mistake in the drafting of a writing, the contract is voidable at the option of either party. (5 points) True False 6. The threat to institute a criminal prosecution against another party in order to force that party into a contract is almost always duress. (5 points) True False 7. A threat to file a civil suit against someone to get that person to contract with you is never duress. (5 points) True False 8. While economic pressure may amount to undue influence, it cannot constitute duress. (5 points) True False 9. Undue influence involves economic pressure on another party to get him to contract, while duress involves all other kinds of pressure. (5 points) True
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False 10. Undue influence cases often involve a relationship of trust and confidence between the contracting parties. (5 points) True False 11. Which of the following makes a contract void? (5 points)
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ch13 - Ch.13 Quiz Instructions Please read the questions...

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