MGT503 - Q.1 ) A . B . C . Q.2 ) A . B . C . D . E. Q.3 ) A...

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Q.1 ) ____________ viewpoint focuses on mathematics, statistics and information aids to make effective managerial decisions A . Administrative B . Quantitative C . System Q.2 ) Tick three branches of Quantitative Management viewpoint A . Operations Management B . Operation Research C . Quality Management D . MIS E. Knowledge Management Q.3 ) ________ is function or field of expertise primarily responsible for managing production and delivery of an organization's products and services. A . Operation Management B . MIS C . Management Research Q.4 ) Management sciences and operation Research is the same branch of Quantitative Management. A . True B . False Q.5 ) _________ approach aimed at increasing decision effectiveness through use of sophisticated mathematical and statistical methods. A . Operation Research B . MIS C . Operation Management Q.6 ) MIS is field of management focused on designing & implementing computer based information systems for use of management. A
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MGT503 - Q.1 ) A . B . C . Q.2 ) A . B . C . D . E. Q.3 ) A...

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