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PAPER 1!!! World War 2 effects AA views of colonialism, nationalism, patriotism, democracy & citizenship. Before WWII 1920s=time to distinguish who can become citizen. Two court cases: 1.Takao Ozawa-use of science. 2. Bhagat SinghThind- East Indian-use of common sense that’s physically not white even thought he’s Caucasian) however, even though becoming a citizen was hard, …in late 1920’s Increase in interracial marriage rates, growth of indigenous institutions, rising numbers of American-born generations, and the crucial movement from agricultural labor to agricultural proprietorship Great Depression late 1930s and early1940s Filipinos competing for jobs with whites. Tension! Carlos Bulosan’s America is in the Heart. During WWII(1939-45) Chinese and Korean Americans rejoice when America declared war against Japan (1941) because they were campaigning against Japanese colonialism.
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