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Elise Kim AAST 201/HIST 219 Section:0103 5/9/11 The Filipino Americans were one of the earliest of Asians to migrate to the United States of America. The significant immigration was in the early 1900s after the Spanish- American war. America claimed the Philippines from Spain and the Filipinos were automatically granted citizenship. They also did not have to go through the consequences of immigration laws like the other Asian immigrants because they were allowed access to the United States 1 . However, they went through various hardships and complications just like other immigrants. These obstacles were especially portrayed in America is in the Heart that was written by Carlos Bulosan because it gave a description of Bulosan’s experience in the United States during the Great Depression in the 1930s and 1940s. It was during this time, that the Filipinos had to fight most of their obstacles of discrimination. In America is in the Heart, Carlos Bulosan writes about when he left his family in the Philippines to America. Before he left for America, he was looking for a job so that he can save up enough money to immigrate to the United States. Therefore, he worked for a rice trader by wheel-barrowing rice to a rice booth. While he worked for him, Bulosan met an American woman named, Miss Mary Strandon, who hired him to carry the rice she bought to her home. Here, he met a houseboy named Dalmacia, who told him that he does not need to save money to go to America; instead he can work on the ships that went to the United States. Dalmacia also advised him to learn English because “English is the best weapon”. 1 Takaki, Ronald. Strangers from a Different Shore: a History of Asian Americans . Boston: Little Brown, 1989. 315-54. Print. Kim 1
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After arriving in America though, Bulosan experiences many instances of discrimination that range from calling him rude names to facing beatings of his brethrens 2 . Many of the Filipinos believed that moving to America was going to be promising because of the wonderful things they heard about America. This is portrayed in Bulosan’s America is in the Heart, when he finally arrives in the United States in 1930. He writes, “My first sight of the approaching land was an exhilarating experience”
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Second paper - Kim 1 Elise Kim AAST 201/HIST 219...

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