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First paper assigment

First paper assigment - Elise Kim Fear of the Unknown AAST...

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Elise Kim Fear of the Unknown AAST 201/ HIST 219M Section: 0103 2/21/11 It is natural for human beings to be afraid of unfamiliar things. Whether it is the fear of spiders or the fear of diseases, the unknown makes people feel vulnerable and become defensive. An important example of this in history is when the ancestors of Asian Americans first settled in America. Because of the sudden increase of Asian immigrants, it is clear why the Americans showed acrimony towards these settlers. Even though there were many European immigrants coming into America, Americans considered Asians more different than the Europeans. In Lee Chew’s autobiographical magazine article, “A Chinese Immigrant Makes His Home in Turn-of-the-Century”, Lee Chew shares his experience in America to explain the conflict between the Americans and Asians, specifically the Chinese. Chew’s life in America proves that the unknown Chinese culture caused the Americans to consider them to be different from the European settlers. How the Chinese and the Americans lived is one cultural difference that made the Americans view Asians differently from other Europeans. For example, Chew begins his autobiography by mentioning the structure of a Chinese and American house. He explains that his house in China was made of bricks that were better than American’s, and had tiled roofs that were bounded by a stonewall. Americans did not have such eastern style house. Instead, they primarily built their houses with wood. In addition, Chew mentions that their doors were always opened. In American culture, people close and lock their doors before leaving the house because of the chances of theft. Because Chinese people lived in villages, they trusted each other and did not worry about losing their
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possessions. Additionally, the lives of the families are different from the lives of
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First paper assigment - Elise Kim Fear of the Unknown AAST...

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