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Mae Thinn (Christine) Discussion 9 Just like any other Asian immigrants, Filipinos had some difficulties against racial discrimination in America. The whites were prejudiced towards the Filipino immigrants because of their so-called trouble making, economic rivalry, and white racial threat. Takaki said that since the men from the Philippines cannot bring wives, they seemed to seek out white female companions once they are in America. These events led to violence and antagonism against Filipinos. As displayed by Bulosan, he was also not used to facing such difficulties.
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Unformatted text preview: He was sold and shipped to Alaska and back to Seattle. He had to work many odd jobs such as a dishwasher, a houseboy, etc. While he was faced with so much racial violence, Bulosan thought it was also kind. During his travels, he helps other Filipinos or those who are in poverty. He enjoyed the Filipinos’ company and trust. However, sometimes, the change in character in Filipinos and the behaviors of Mexicans and Chinese groups repulsed him....
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