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Mae Thinn (Christine) Discussion 10 The Second World War was a turning point for both the Asian Americans and the United States itself. The Asian Americans were asked to join in the war effort, as if they were just like any other American citizens rather than the outcasts they were usually viewed as. Filipinos were allowed to fight along with the white soldiers. Koreans and Chinese Americans bought war bonds and took part in military organizations and the Red Cross. The Asian Americans were granted citizenships. The war caused the United States to prominently become a democratic
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Unformatted text preview: nation and to end the Exclusion Laws, which lessened racial discrimination in America. It also provided Japan as a common enemy for Americans and Asians when the Pearl Harbor was bombed. The Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps because the Americans were paranoid that the Japanese people living in America could turn on them and become threats as well. The Asian Americans united against the Japanese and were able to become heroes for America, which inspired them to assimilate again....
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