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Mae Thinn (Christine) Discussion on Week 5 During week five’s readings, we focused on the Japanese settlement in America. They were considered racially inferior by the White people and were assumed that they were only good enough to be laborers. The Japanese were treated like the way the Chinese people did, and were hated by the white people. Since they were working as planters in Hawaii, it was easier for them to be placed in the racial hierarchy. Also, Takaki argues that all these ethnic groups were also placed in a social hierarchy. Japanese job opportunities also differed between the Issei and Nisei. The second generation Nisei seemed to be more adapted and welcome into the American society since they were able to secure much better and higher classed jobs than the first generation Issei. The Japanese came to America for a better future but all they faced was racial
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Unformatted text preview: segregations and discriminations. Due to this, it seems that the Japanese developed their own communities and stuck to their own people, rather than communicating with people from different ethnicities. Also, in Major Problems, the Chinese were criticized of coming to America only two gain riches for themselves and then go back to their country. But in reality, the Chinese’s hesitation to assimilate and adapt to the American culture was because the Americans’ unwillingness to let the Chinese be at least somewhat equal or closer to them in the social class. The Japanese were in a similar case as the Chinese as well. No wonder these different ethnicities and Americans did not get along. Both sides were full of prejudice and would not give each other an opportunity to adapt, even if the immigrants were somewhat more willing than the Americans....
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