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Chapter 5: Global Temperatures VOCAB o Temperature : A measure of sensible heat energy present in the atmosphere and other media; indicates the average kinetic energy (motion) of individual molecules within a substance o Insolation : Incoming solar radiation; the most important influence on temperature variation o Continental effect : A quality of regions that lack temperature-moderating effects of the sea and exhibit a greater range of minimum and maximum temperatures, both daily and annually o Gulf Stream : A strong, northward-moving, warm current off the east coast of North America, which carries its water far into the North Atlantic o Isotherm : An isoline connecting all points of equal temperature o Land-water heating difference: Differences in the degree and way that land and water heat, as a result of contrasts in transmission, evaporation,
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Unformatted text preview: mixing, and specific heat capacities. Land surfaces heat and cool faster than water and have continentality, whereas water provides a marine influence o Marine effect: A quality of regions that are dominated by the moderating effect of the ocean and that exhibit a smaller range of minimum and maximum temperature than continental stations o Thermal equator: The isoline on an isothermal map that connects all points of highest mean temperature We feel effect of temp. as sensible heat transfer from warmer objects to cooler objects Temperature Scales o Absolute zero/0 degrees absolute temperature: the temperature at which atomic and molecular motion in matter completely stops o Celcius -o Farenheit o Kelvin...
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