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POL 221 final exam Q2 - revolution-Cost of living increased...

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2. What are the main features of Russia’s path as a late developer? How and which external and internal factors combined to cause a Bolshevik revolution in Russia? - Main features of Russia’s path as a late developer; - Identity debates - Beginning of industrialization and democratization - Revolutions - Global Context - The socialist revelation - Building of socialism (state controlled economy, totalitarianism and controlled society). - How and which internal and external factors caused a Bolshevik revolution in Russia? - The economical situation as not good in Russia, mass unemployment and the failure of many enterprises and industrial institutions in Russia helped lead to the Bolshevik
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Unformatted text preview: revolution-Cost of living increased sharply-Debts to foreign nations-Peasant strikes and protesting. More than 500,000 people peaceful protested against the Provisional Government in Petrograd. The government used military action and killed many protesters-The garrisons in Petrograd, Moscow, and other cities, the Northern and Western fronts, and the sailors of the Baltic Fleet in September openly declared through their elected representative body Tsentrobalt that they did not recognize the authority of the Provisional Government and would not carry out any of its commands-Periods of repression (after the 500,000 person protest)...
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