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POL221 final exam Q3

POL221 final exam Q3 - 3 Describe the main institutions...

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3. Describe the main institutions making up the communist systems of the Soviet Union and China. How was Chinese communism similar and how was it different from the soviet communist experience. Russia- structure of USSR (was the union on several soviet republics emerging after the revolution of 1917)/CCCP- congress of people’s deputies of Russia was governing body for SFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Republic-largest of 15 soviet republics), Government and political organizations were defined by Bolshevik and the communist party. - Russian communism-1. State controlled economy- state owned enterprises produce according to 5 year plan, prices are regulated, and state decides what should be produced at what quantity and who it should be sold by. Outcomes; shortages, queues for bread and shoes. Industrial growth, space exploration, urbanization, mass education). 2. Totalitarianism (total state control)- Stalinism; single mass party, Marxist ideology/propaganda, secret police and state terror.- Post Stalin era; authoritarianism-
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