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BMGT367 Notes 2.28 Cover Letters: Don’t ever say sir or madam Try to find a name as best you can If you cannot find a name say dear recruiter or hiring manager Write to person in job description Focus on aspects highlighted in job description ie team work, analytical skills Maximum 1 page Be sure to sign your letter!! Make a references sheet with 3-5 references of people who know you best and will give you best recommendation Can put down academic recommendation if you feel that person knows you well, but only in certain cases Do not write references available upon request, it is already assumed by potential employer that if they want a reference they can ask for one
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Unformatted text preview: Thank you notes, declining offers and rejection: • Always send a thank you note after an interview or any other significant interaction • Say thank you for meeting with me, I learned…., I think I would make strong contribution to your team…My qualifications…I look forward to hearing from you • Even if you don’t want the position, send a thank you note so as to not burn any bridges but in thank you note say its not a good fit for you • If rejected, still write response • Shows professionalism and a lot about your character • Especially important if you would like to apply to same company again in the future`...
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