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bio3Bexam1 - Biology 3B Lecture Study Guide 1 If I talked...

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Biology 3B Lecture Study Guide 1 If I talked about it, then it’s fair game. Sorry if I’ve left something off. Chapter 25: History of Life on Earth Know the brief history of life as discussed in class. Know what the spontaneous generation is. What’s biogenesis? Know the 4 hypothesized stages for the origins of life. Know the general makeup of the early atmosphere – was it a reducing or oxidizing atmosphere & why? What was the first genetic material and why? What are ribozymes and how they work? What are protobionts? Early metabolic pathway? How has the fossil record illustrated intermediate steps between present day mammals and our early synapsid ancestors? Understand the origins of mitochondria and plastids (autogenous vs endosymbiotic). What’s the Cambrian explosion? Scientists: Oparin & Haldane, Miller & Urey, Cech (any other discussed but not listed here) Chapter 27: Bacteria and Archaea Know the difference between lytic and lysogenic bacteriophages. Know difference between DNA, RNA and retroviruses. What is HIV & AIDS? What cell does HIV infect & why? Know the classification of bacteria (Bacteria vs Archaea, Gram (-) vs Gram (+)). Know the morphology of bacteria. Know the different types of bacterial metabolism and the various modes of nutrition.
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