scopecellsLAB - Biology 3A Laboratory Your name:_Layla,...

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Your name: ___Layla, Abtin, Sahar___ Scopes and Cells Worksheet __Bio 3a AM___________ A. USING THE MICROSCOPE Determining the Magnifying Power : Total Magnification = Ocular magnification X Objective magnification Ocular Lens X Objective Lens = Total Magnification 1a. Scanning Power: 10 X 4 = 40 1b. Low Power: 10 X 10 = 100 1c. High Power (Dry): 10 X 40 = 400 1d. Oil Immersion: 10 X 100 = 1000 Image Orientation and Focusing 2. Describe the orientation of the letter “e” when viewed under the microscope. It is backwards 3. What direction in the field of view did the letter “e” move when you moved the slide slightly to the left or right using the slide movement knobs? Up or down? The letter “e” would move in the opposite directions. (ie. Left, moved right; up, moved down etc) 4. Describe the differences when viewing the letter “e” under the three different magnifications. We could see much more details. On low power the letter looked like one uniform piece, but as we increased the magnification we could see more details. It looked like the letter was made up of jagged, crossed lines similar to fibers. 5. What happened to the light intensity when you switched from low to high power? The light intensity decreased in our field of view and made it more difficult to see the object. 6. What can you do to adjust for this change? We can increase the amount the light as we increase magnification. 7. What happened to the working distance (distance between the slide and the objective lens) when you increased magnification from 40X 100X 430X? The working distance got smaller and smaller, because the lenses are longer on higher magnification. Bio 3A Lab.
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scopecellsLAB - Biology 3A Laboratory Your name:_Layla,...

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