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Unformatted text preview: Bio 3a Morning Lab Volumetrics Lab Figure 1. Scatter plot displaying the relationship of total volume of water versus total measured weight of water in Procedure 1 (determining the accuracy of 100mL beakers). Included is the trend line for the data showing a general trend in the data points. Temperature plays a vital role in the weight and measurement of water. Temperature is the average kinetic energy of molecules and in this case we are looking at the molecules of water. In our procedures we worked with water in its liquid form, but water can also be found in the solid (ice) and gaseous (steam) state. If the temperature of the room were to drop below 0˚C then the liquid water would turn into ice and expand, due to water’s unique hydrogen bonding. If the temperature of the room to increase, causing the molecules to move faster (KE), then the water would continue to expand as it gets warm, until it reaches its boiling point at 100˚C and transforms into gas. Also, the markings on our glassware indicate that it is most effective to use the devices in a temperature...
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