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BACTERIAL EXAMINATION OF WATER IN OSO CREEK. Layla Fijany and Sahar Meshkat. Department of Biological Sciences, Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA, 92692. The sanitary examination of water by bacteriological methods is of utmost importance to local water districts because of possible pathogenic microorganisms that may contaminate drinking water sources. A water sample from Oso Creek in Mission Viejo, collected on 31 August 2011, was studied to assess bacterial characteristics for suitability of potable purposes. The bacterial examination of water was standardized into 3 tests: the presumptive test, confirmed test and completed test, using aseptic technique. The results showed that a positive reaction (fermentation and gas production) was present in all, but one test tube, for a total coliform count of 1,100 (MPN/100 mL). Results from the Gram staining showed that both Gram (+) and Gram
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Unformatted text preview: (-) bacteria were present with predominantly cocci colonies. The presence of bacteria in the water source may be highly attributed to the fact that water is polluted from human waste, carried by runoff rainwater. Therefore, the water of Oso Creek is not satisfactory for drinking purposes, or for children to play in. Strict hygiene measure should be practiced if one should come into contact with this water source. It is recommended that the local water district upgrade sewage treatment plants and adopt a periodical monitoring system to detect high amounts of pollution (either from toxic chemicals or pathogenic bacteria) to improve water quality. Taking measures to improve the quality of water sources will help to avoid harmful effects on public health and further eliminate the possibility of transmitting a disease through Oso Creek....
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