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Online Quizzes (See related pages) 1 Strategic management requires accurate estimation of costs for all but which one of the following applications? A) to facilitate target costing B) to facilitate strategic positioning analysis C) to facilitate life cycle costing D) to facilitate learning curve analysis E) to facilitate value-chain analysis 2 The identification of cost drivers is perhaps the most important step in developing the cost estimate because: A) it is the first step in cost estimation. B) it is the final step in cost estimation. C) there may be a number of relevant drivers, some not immediately obvious. D) the other five steps are easier to execute. E) it requires much more time than the other five steps. 3 What is the first step when using cost estimation? A) Determine the cost drivers. B) Define the cost object. C) Select the estimation method. D) Assess the accuracy of the estimate. 4 Herman Corporation has the following information for 2006 and 2007: Utilities is what type of cost? A) Variable cost B) Mixed cost C) Step cost D) Fixed cost 5 Motor Company has the following information pertaining to a regression model. Y = $6,000 + $10L + $50 M
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Ch 8 - Online Quizzes 1 of 4

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