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Multiple Choice Quiz (See related pages) 1 Which of the following is NOT an example of a benefit? A) Free travel arrangements. B) A bonus based on achieving performance goals. C) Life insurance for family members. D) Tickets to entertainment events. 2 Of the three basic forms of management compensation (salary, bonus, perks), the fastest growing part of the total compensation is: A) salary. B) bonus. C) perks. D) salary and bonus. E) They are all growing at the same rate. 3 The higher the proportion of ______ is in total compensation, the higher the incentive for the manager to avoid risky outcomes. A) Bonus. B) Free travel arrangements. C) Salary. D) Benefits. 4 The objectives of management compensation, when compared to the objectives used to develop performance measurement systems, are: A) more numerous. B) less specific. C) consistent in content. D) significantly broader in scope. E) more specific. 5 Which of the bonus payment options have the following motivation? (+) Unlimited upside potential is highly motivating
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Ch 19 4e - Multiple Choice Quiz 1 of 2

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