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005 Fall 11 CPT 5A MGT 9700 (Job Design & Work Msmt)

005 Fall 11 CPT 5A MGT 9700 (Job Design & Work...

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Baruch College MGT 9700 Zicklin School of Business Fall - 2011 Department of Management MW, 6:00 pm-7:15 pm INTRODUCTION TO OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Homework Assignment: 5A - Job Design and Work Measurement 1. (Two Points) An objective of job design could be to develop a logically integrated pattern of work activities for individuals or work groups. Which of the following is not a job design principle relevant to this objective? A. Task variety B. Skill variety C. Feedback D. Partnership with management E. Task autonomy 2. (Two Points) Repetitive short-cycle tasks of high production volume are best analyzed by using: A. Stopwatch time study. B. Activity charts. C. Activity classification. D. Schedule charts. E. Operation charts. 3. (Two Points) When the textbook presented the topic of job design decisions, the "what" of these decisions concerned which of the following?
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