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SYMPTOMS OF A CONGESTED LYMPHATIC SYSTEM: Allergies Chronic Sinusitis Heart Disease Skin Conditions Loss of Energy Chronic Fatigue Parasitic Infections Edema Lupus Inflammation High Blood Pressure Infections Low Back Pain Obesity Cancer Arthritis Puffy Eyes Cellulite Ulcers Intestinal Blockages Ear or Balance Problems YOUR LYMPHATIC SYSTEM
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WHAT IS THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM? The lymphatic system is a network of lymph fluid, tissues, vessels, nodes and organs, and is part of the Immune System. The organs include the tonsils, spleen and thymus. It filters and removes toxins, cancer cells, trapped protein, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and fatty globules from the body and helps strengthen our immunity. The lymph system is three to four times larger than our blood system. Lymph flows up through the body in a one-way direction to the chest where it drains into the bloodstream through two large ducts, (Thoracic and Right Lymphatic). It does not have a pump and it needs body movement and muscle activity
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4589Educational-Brochure - SYMPTOMS OF A CONGESTED...

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