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MIAMI DADE COLLEGE-WOLFSON CAMPUS BSC 2086 - HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY II Dr. Edwin Ginés-Candelaria REVIEW EXAM I Name __________________________________________ Instructions: READ each question CAREFULLY before answering. Then, SELECT the BEST answer and write it on the scantron sheet. Only answers that are written on the scantron sheet will be considered for computation of your exam score. Please, make sure that you select the appropriate choices before you transfer your responses to the scantron sheet. For True/False questions, answer choice A if the statement is true, or choice B if it is false. Remember that UNDERSTANDING the instructions is an integral part of taking this exam. Each question is worth 4 points. There are 8 extra credit points in this exam. Work at a steady pace and you should have ample time to finish. BEST WISHES! 1: Which hormone would no longer be secreted if the hypothalamo-hypophyseal tract were destroyed? A: oxytocin B: FSH C: GH D: ACTH E: prolactin 2: What would be the consequence of defetive ADH receptors? A: diabetes mellitus B: andenogenital syndrome C: dehydration D: seasonal affective disorder E: none of these 3: T F Epinephrine and thyroid hormone have the same effects on metabolic rate and blood pressure.
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