Hum 2210 Final Exam Notes - Brown Scantron Tue 6th 1:00 PM...

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Brown Scantron - Tue 6th 1:00 PM 1200 Word Essay Psych Bldg. 2nd Floor (220) Renaissance the rebirth of culcture The two most famous artists in the world are still Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Italy was made up of Italian city-states. Governed by lords and some were Republics Often they were really controlled by elite rich men called Merchant Princes Most famous family was the Medici family who established by Cosimo de Medici (1189 - 1404) They were economically dynamite, but also plauged with political factions and assassinations ________________________________________________________________ Study these for test/final Medic 1) Much like Bill Gates, they were "merchant princes" Some time in Italy and here they held public office, but more often their influence was from behind. (The medici's power was very different than Bill Gates, but both have back to their community. 2) The Medici's were banker's for the Pope and went on to build a highly successful commercial empire. 3) Maybe part of concern for his soul, he spent half his fortune on artistic patronage and religious charity. Their wealth dominated Florentine politics for a century after his death.(Cosimo de Medici) 4) There were great political factions in this period. Another political group tried to assassinate Cosimo's grandson. Their attempt failed and they were caught and hung in the city square 5) The Medici family sponsored hospitals and rebuilt churches and commissioned public art works. 6)
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Hum 2210 Final Exam Notes - Brown Scantron Tue 6th 1:00 PM...

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