TEST 1 HELP - Comment on the title choose one American subject that we are like with the Greek Show how we are like Choose one American subject

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Socrates never wrote any of his records down His students, most notably Plato, were able to write stuff about him so he could be remembered Aristotle's dad was a doctor, which heavily influenced Aristotle's hobbies. He studied biology and other scientific fields. He became the tutor of Alexander The Great Nudity was not a big deal in art in Rome Pax Romana - Peace in Rome, very unusual. Under emperor Julius Caesar, this was a long period of relative peace and minimal expansion by military force experienced by the Roman Empire Being a good public speaker was valuable in rome. They had counsels and heralds, and other positions We are the greeks and the romans Introduction - with a a thesis statement
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Unformatted text preview: Comment on the title. choose one American subject that we are like with the Greek. Show how we are like. Choose one American subject that we are like with the Romans. Show how we are alike. Don not have more than four cites in the whole paper. Bibliography must be un alphabetical order. Do not use encyclopedias In the body of the paper you could have four paragraphs one on america, and one on Greece, and one on on American and one on Rome. Conclusion. . Don't say "in conclusion" or "in summary" Greeks started democracy US has copied all of greek architecture 1000-1200 words Extra credit films: little budha, ben hue, julius cesar, michaelangelo, leonardo da vinci...
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