test 2 - Confucius emphasized the individuals Citizens...

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Confucius emphasized the individuals Citizens responsibility to society (as did Plato and Aristotle) The gentlemen or “superior man” must fill his assigned role with ethical integrity and respect for tradition Give up their Aristocratic concept of exalted birth and inherited privilege Have a personal ethic code – “Rule by example and moral persuasion” not by coercion. On the other hand, Confucius Jen – Whole heartedness lead life of right action Jen leads to respect for respect for custom and propriety. Respect for parents and rulers shown in the arts and tradition. The state could not create justice among citizens who did not seek justice in their life The Middle Ages Beowulf – All literature were transmitted orally for hundred of years. The tale of a daring Scandinavian prince. The three adventures. 1. His encounter with the monster Grendel. 2. His destruction of his hideous mother. 3. The effort to destroy the fire breathing dragon which threated to kill his people. Charlemagne Renaissance – The rebirth. Ruled for more than 30 years in the name of Christ. Famous for 1. Trade 2. Education 3. The arts Invited to his court missionaries, scholars – yet it is said HE could barely read or write. Still he established
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test 2 - Confucius emphasized the individuals Citizens...

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