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Chapters 4 & 8 - During Show up on time Be...

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Chapters 4 & 8 Why do research? The Goal: Reliable and credible evidence CRAAP Test Currency = up to date Relevance = relate to topic and audience Authority = expert, credible source Accuracy = Non-biased Purpose = intention for publishing The Internet Surface Web - Open and free websites Deep Web - Proprietory and require authorization Wikis - Secondary source that anyone can post misinformation Google - Organized free, easily accessible information Podcasts & RSS Feeds - audio broadcast transferred to MP3 Finding support: Interviews Before contact person Prepare specific questions
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Unformatted text preview: During Show up on time Be proactive After Follow up Transcribe recording Using your research Prepare a references or works cited Author, title, date, publisher, publication information URL and date if accessed from internet Record Sources to avoid plagiarism Use your own words when possible Keep photocopies and printouts Identify direct quotations Paraphrases need citation Orally cite sources Give credit to others - avoid plagiarism Establish credentials of source and data Enable audience to retrieve information...
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