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28 Notes - Nonverbal Characteristics of delivery...

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Delivery Method Manuscript = written out word for word Memprized = committed to memory Imromptu - of the cuff speaking Extemporaneous = a blend of preparation and spontaneity Using your Voice Vocal production = vocalics Volume = who loud Pitch = lowness/highness Range = how high, how low Rhythm = Pattern of Tempo/Rate = how quickly or slowly you speak Articulation = a distinction of how you speak (accents) Emphasis on one word changes the meaning of a whole sentence
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Unformatted text preview: Nonverbal Characteristics of delivery Simultaneous use of channels sight hearing taste touch smell Involving multiple senses into your speech lets the audience have a better experience Nonverbal Environmtnal Features Environemnt = colors, lighting Arousing colors = Orange, yellow, red Calming colors = blue, green Dim/candlelit rooms can appear as calming, relaxing or even arousing Emblems =...
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