Test 1 Vocab - Amoral The process of communication is...

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Amoral - The process of communication is ethically neutral Central route - Receivers mentally elaborate on the elements of your message and carefully scrutinize your arguments and evidence channel - the means through which the message is sent Elaboration - the degree to which a receiver scrutinizes a message environment - The situation or context in which the transaction takes place. Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) - On of the most thoroughly researched communication theories. A comprehensive theory of persuasion. ethos - The audience's perception of a speakers competence, trustworthiness, and credibility logos - logical appeals message - message the speaker intends to send motivation - The amount that the audience will elaborately process the information pathos - emotional appeals peripheral route - Receivers give brief attention to the message without elaborated thought pervasiveness - communication takes place wherever humans are together because people tend to look for meaning, even when a message is not deliberately sent. Receivers - The audience to whom the message is delivered source - The person initiating the communication transaction - An exchange of verbal and nonverbal messages between 2 or more people. Audience - The individuals who listen to a public speech
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brainstorming - a creative process used for generating a large numbers number of ideas canons of rhetoric - the classical arts of invention, organization, style, memory, and delivery credibility - The degree to which an audience trusts and believes in a speaker extemporaneous delivery - Preparing carefully but speaking spontaneously from notecards general purpose - the primary function of a speech. The three commonly agreed upon general purposes are to inform, to persuade, and to entertain impromptu delivery - on the spot speech invention - The creative process by which the substance of a speech s generated
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Test 1 Vocab - Amoral The process of communication is...

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