Exam 1 - Study Guide - 1. The concept used to describe...

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1. The concept used to describe opening a window into unfamiliar worlds that allows us to understand human behavior by placing it within its broader social context is called Imagination . 2. When sociologists group people into categories based on their age, gender, educational level, job and income, they are trying to determine their Social location . 3. Of the following, which variables do sociologists emphasize the most as being the determining motivation for our thinking and behavior? Ones society and social location 4. The sociologist responsible for suggesting the connection between history and biography to explain the sociological imagination was C Wright Mills . 5. The first person to propose that the scientific method could be applied to the study of social life was Augustus Comte . 6. The first goal of each scientific discipline is to Explain Why Something Happens . 7. The notion that only the fittest members of society deserve to survive and that social programs to help the poor will ultimately weaken the social order is a doctrine known as Social Darwinism . 8. Weber referred to the self-denying approach to life characterized by people living frugal lives and Protestant ethic 9. The titles Karl Marx used to describe the two classes in society were the Bourgeoisie and Proletariat . 10. Max Weber used the term verstehen to mean grasp by insight. 11. Durkheim referred to patterns of behavior that characterize a social group as social facts . 12. Sociologists who analyze how behavior depends on the ways that people define themselves and others are most likely symbolic interactionists . 13. Mark views society as a system of interrelated parts, while John views society as composed of groups competing for scarce resources. Mark would be considered a functionalist theorist and John would be seen as a Conflict theorist. 14.
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Exam 1 - Study Guide - 1. The concept used to describe...

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