Exam 2 - Study Guide - 1. Jane is a 49 year-old woman of...

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1. Jane is a 49 year-old woman of Irish-German descent. What do these characteristics have in common? They are ascribed statuses 2. Signs that identify a position in society someone occupies are referred to as status symbols . 3. A position in society that someone holds that cuts across other statuses they hold, such as being a high ranking Army officer, college president, or handicapped would be considered their master status . 4. The difference between status and role is that you occupy a status and play a role . 5. Which of the following is not one of the five functional requisites that every society must fulfill to survive? maintain tradition gender relations 6. According to Durkheim, when a society increases in size, its division of labor becomes more specialized. People begin to depend on one another and become interdependent. This form of social cohesion he termed organic solidarity . 7. An approach to social interaction in which social life is analyzed in terms of the stage is called dramaturgy . 8. If people define situations as real, they are real in their consequences. This classic statement is known as the Thomas Theorem . 9. Ferdinand Tonnies' term for the type of society he referred to as "the intimate community" was Gemeinschaft . The term he used to describe the type of society characterized by "impersonal association" was Gesellschaft . 10. In Professor Jones' social problems course the students interact freely with one another, think of themselves as "Dr. J's class," and feel they are significant because of their mutual interest in social reform. In view of this which concept best describes Dr. Jones' class? Group 11. The "dawn of civilization" is most associated with which social revolution? Agricultural 12. The microchip is to the post industrial society as the decoding of the human genome is to the emerging biotech society. 13.
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Exam 2 - Study Guide - 1. Jane is a 49 year-old woman of...

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