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Company Name Here Memo To: Dan Pryor From: Leslie Castelan, Blythe Dennis, Amanda Brock, Carly Garcia Date: 2/28/12 Re: Work Plan for Formal Report Work Plan for Formal Report This report will help us plan our careers and investigate where we’d like to be in the next 5 years. We hope this will help us plan for our future. This report will help us look into qualities that we would have not look in to before that will take us far in our careers and our future in this world. We hope to open new doors in ourselves.
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Unformatted text preview: Each group member will contacting their close relatives and present employers to better grasp their own character qualities they demonstrate on a daily basis. Below are Character Qualities: Due Monday February 6, 2012 Company Description: Due Monday February 6, 2012 Interview Questions: Due February 9, 2012 First Draft: Due February 15, 2012 Introduction: Due February 15, 2012 Summary/Conclusion: Due February 15, 2012 Final Draft: Due February 22, 2012 1...
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