Test 1 Review - Software Application software System...

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BCIS 1305 Test 1 Review Chapter 1 Management Information System (MIS) Resources of MIS People Information Information Technology Information Technology (IT) Types of Information Internal/External Objective/Subjective Dimensions of information Time/Location/Form/Validity GIGO Flow of information Up/Down/Horizontal/In-Out Information granularity Ethics Above the line/Below the line strategies Run, Grow, Transform Porter’s Five Forces Model Buyer Power Supplier Power Threat of substitute products/services Threat of new entrants Rivalry among existing competitors Cost leadership, differentiation, focus Value chain Chapter 2 Supply chain management (SCM) Just-in-Time (JIT) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Business Intelligence (BI) e-collaboration Integrated collaboration environment (ICE) Virtual teams Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
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Appendix A Hardware/Software
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Unformatted text preview: Software Application software System software Operating System software Utility software Example utilities Popular operating systems Windows (various versions) Mac OS Linux Vertical/Horizontal market software Personal productivity software Sizes of computers Hardware devices Input Output Processing CPU and RAM (Memory) Storage Magnetic/Optical/Flash Telecommunications Ports/Connectors USB port Computer Storage Binary/ bit/byte Megabyte/Gigabyte/Terabyte Computer Speed Megahertz/Gigahertz Central Processing Unit (CPU) Arithmetic/Logic unit (ALU) Control unit Monitors CRT Flat panel Pixels/dot pitch System bus/expansion bus Slots/cards Ports/connectors Wireless Bluetooth WiFi Appendix B Internet World Wide Web Domain Top-level domain Wiki Social networking Protocol TCP/IP http ftp...
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Test 1 Review - Software Application software System...

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