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Group Project Instructions

Group Project Instructions - and submit the project before...

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BCIS 1305 Business Computer Applications Group Project You will be assigned to a group project, which will be worth 20% of your semester grade. All group project work can be completed through online collaboration. No physical meetings are required. The Group Projects are located on pages 286-309 in the Haag/Cummings textbook. You are encouraged to read over the projects to see if any preferences exist, because I will consider your opinion in assigning group projects. Downloadable files are available in Blackboard under Course Documents link. The cases are described in the Management Information Systems textbook, beginning on page 286. I am organizing several different groups. Choose from these cases: Case 1, Case 2, Case 3, Case 9, Case 10, and Case 18. Also, you may choose to be in one of two accelerated groups, which would finish the project at a faster rate
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Unformatted text preview: and submit the project before the deadline. The accelerated groups may select any of the 22 cases, including the five cases listed above. Please review the cases and post your preferences as soon as possible. After researching the cases, please go to the Discussion Board link in Blackboard to share your preferences for selection of the cases. Select your top three choices and list them in order of your preference. Some students wish to finish the project early or at an accelerated pace. If you wish to be assigned to an accelerated group, please note this in your posting. Enthusiastic and dedicated participation is suggested. If you are forced to be unavailable to your group, be sure you give extra effort to contribute to your group’s work. I will be setting up the group projects during the first few weeks of class....
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Group Project Instructions - and submit the project before...

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