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McCoy College of Business Administration TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY-San Marcos Department of Finance and Economics BLAW 2361 The Legal Environment of Business Fall 2011 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Jon Bible TEL: 512-245-3241 (Voice) OFFICE: McCoy Hall 549 OFF. HOURS: MW 9-11, 12:30-2 E-MAIL: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION : This is a survey of basic features of the American legal system and legal aspects of business transactions. Topics include the nature and sources of law, court systems and procedures, agency, torts, contracts, ethics, and government regulation of business. COURSE MATERIALS: Text: Business Law and the Legal Environment (5 th ed.) by Beatty and Samuelson. Publisher: Southwestern/Cengage Learning. The publishers have prepared a soft-cover edition that includes only the chapters from the main text that are covered in this course, and this is the version I will use. You should bring the text to class each day as I will periodically refer to it; in addition, quiz questions (see below) could be taken from the text. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Ideally, students should leave the course with an understanding of: The Texas and federal legal systems. The rationale for the law of torts, its benefits and detriments, and knowledge of selected torts involving individuals and business. The elements of contract and how to analyze and compare contractual concepts. The use of law as a societal mechanism and its relationship with general concepts of ethical behavior. The law of agency and its use and impact on individuals and business. How to confront a variety of circumstances that call for the exercise of judgment or demand a particular quality of character in their roles as managers, owners, employees, buyers or sellers. SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BRING INTO THIS COURSE: The ability to reason and to discern issues from factual situations. Possession of a vocabulary and the ability to read and write English as necessary to function as an intelligent undergraduate student. The ability to read and assimilate significant amounts of information PREREQUISITES: None. COURSE POLICIES: A . INSTRUCTIONAL METHODOLOGY: I think you learn best if you take primary responsibility for your education and class time is devoted to the application of what we study to real-world problems. Thus, I will assume that you have done the reading each day and have absorbed the basic information; most of our time will be spent Page 1 of 5
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discussing the more difficult aspects of the issues and hypothetical situations involving them. For example, when we get to federal court jurisdiction based on diversity of citizenship, I will expect you to know that the plaintiff(s) and defendant(s) must be citizens of different states and the amount in
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2361SYLL - McCoy College of Business Administration TEXAS...

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